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Bible Studies and Christian Education

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Bible Study Information

Pastor Walther's Jr. Confirmation Class


Study Guides and Worksheets

8th Grade Confirmation Questions

Audio Files

8th Grade Profession of Faith Service


Learning by Heart:    7th & 8th Grade 2007 -2008





This Bible Study led by Pastor Walther examines the physical and Biblical evidence for creation and contrasts that with teachings about evolution.  The handouts with questions to answer and with the answers given are each available.  The slides which were a PowerPoint presentation during the class are also here along with the class audio.  It is suggested that you listen to the audio while viewing the handouts and slides.
1.  Two Different Ideas



PowerPoint Slides


2.  The Age of the Earth


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


3.  Interpreting Genesis


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


4.  The Challenge of Complexity


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


5.  Serious Questions for Theistic Evolutionists


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


6.  Fossils


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


7.  Flood


Handout Answers

PowerPoint Slides


8.  The Age of the Earth - Addendum - Seminarian Christian Tiews developed this PowerPoint presentation, and we're grateful to include it with our study.  Mr. Tiews has a master's degree in geology and is currently finishing his studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in the masters of divinity program.

A Simple Way to Pray

90 Minutes in Heaven

This Bible Study by Pastor Walther examines the importance of Prayer and follows Martin Luther's "A Simple Way to Pray".  It is suggested that you follow the links below to print-out the class handout and then listen to the Audio while viewing the the PowerPoint slides used in the class which are here available as a PDF file.

Class Handout    PowerPoint Slides    Audio     Audio (Download)

Pastor Walther leads this Bible Study which examines the account of Baptist minister Don Piper who was apparently dead for 90 minutes following an auto accident and claims to have been in Heaven.  The audio in MP3 format begins with an interview and proceeds to the class discussion.

Class Handout     Audio (Play)     Audio (Download)

If you wish to save the audio file to your computer or portable device, right click the Download link and select "Save Target As".


Home Bible Study

Many of the members of Good Shepherd are part of our Home Bible Study program. The Home Bible Study members meet once a month to study and discuss God's Word. This is a great opportunity to grow in faith and to meet other people. The Bible studies are appropriate for anyone, whether you've had a lot of experience with Bible study or not. If you would like to join one of our Home Bible Studies please click here.

2008 - Vocations - Audio



The Book of Joshua  --  Led by Pastor Walther  

Full Bible Study

Study Guide

Class Audio

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 20-21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
Introduction Study Guide
Chapter 1 Study Guide
Chapter 2 Study Guide
Chapter 3 Study Guide
Chapter 4 Study Guide
Chapter 5 Study Guide
Chapter 6 Study Guide
Chapter 7 Study Guide
Chapter 8 Study Guide
Chapter9 Study Guide
Chapter 10 Study Guide
Chapter 11 Study Guide
Chapter 13-14 Study Guide
Chapter 20-21 Study Guide
Chapter 22 Study Guide
Chapter 23 Study Guide
Chapter 24 Study Guide
Joshua Bible Study - Introduction
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 1
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 2
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 3
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 4
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 5
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 6
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 7
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 8
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 9
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 10
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 11
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 13-14
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 15-19
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 20-21
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 22
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 23
Joshua Bible Study - Chapter 24


Christianity and Atheism

Led by Pastor Walther
Learn to respond logically and Biblically

Ch. 1  Wish Fulfillment                   Ch.1  Study Guide
Ch. 2  Suffering and Evil                 Ch.2  Study Guide
Ch. 3  Science v. Faith 
                  Ch. 3  Study Guide
Ch. 4  Evolution
                             Ch. 4  Study Guide
Ch 5  Hell
                                      Ch 5  Study Guide
Ch 6  Salvation Only in Jesus
         Ch 6  Study Guide
Ch 7  Un-Christian Actions
            Ch 7  Study Guide
Ch 8  Problems with the Bible
        Ch 8 Study Guide


World Religions and Christian Denominations






New Age





A STUDY OF DENOMINATIONS 2008 - Led by Pastor Walther  

Chapter 1 - Introduction



Chapter 2- Eastern Orthodox Churches



Chapter 3- Roman Catholic Church



Chapter 4 - Lutheran Churches



Chapter 5 - Protestant Churches



Chapter 6 - Trends in American Christianity



(Note - The audio for Chapter 1, although easily understandable,  is of slightly lesser quality than the remaining chapters.  Please do not be dissuaded from listening to the all of the chapters.)


The Christian Approach to the Study of Denominations (Pastor Hoft)


Arminian Churches (Methodism)



Eastern Orthodoxy

Episcopalianism (Anglicanism)

Inner Light Churches


Roman Catholic

Seventh Day Adventist

Union Churches


Non - Christian Denominations

Christian Science

Jehovah's Witness



Through The Bible in a Year

Topical Bible Studies

  Print the entire year's Bible reading schedule.  Click here.

Notes on Grief

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Evangelism Training - Click on the link for the materials that Pastor Walther uses to train Seminary Students in evangelism.  This is useful for anyone who wants to be better prepared to spread the "good news".  

Christian Church Year -  Click on the link for a detailed explanation for the parts of the Christian Church Year and for illustrations and explanations of various Christian Symbols.

Similarities and Differences Between the Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches - What is the authority of the Christian Church?  How are we saved?  Read this thoughtful essay by Pastor Walther in which he examines these questions within the context of a comparison between the essential doctrines of the two Churches. 

Christianity and Mormonism - This essay by former LCMS President A. L. Barry explains the basics of Mormonism, how it deviates from and distorts scriptural truth and how the Christian should witness to Mormons.

Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith - This short essay addresses a problem of concern to all Christian parents.

Sharpening the Saw: Ten Questions to Ask as a Christian Teacher - This presentation by Reed Lessing, Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary, explains effective means to teach and preach the Christian Faith.  Click here for audio of the presentation.

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