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Sunday School

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church provides Sunday School classes from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.  All classes are taught by volunteer teachers using curriculum from Concordia Publishing House.  The Sunday School teachers meet once a month on Sunday evenings to prepare for upcoming lessons.  Pastor Hoft is the spiritual advisor of the Sunday School program.

Preschool Sunday School Class 4th Grade Sunday School Class

Preschool Sunday School Class

4th Grade S. S. Class, Teacher Lucy Thompson

5th Grade Sunday School Class Sunday School Staff

5th Grade S. S. Class, Teacher Joan Frey

Sunday School Staff: Wade Harrison (Assistant Superintendent) Cindy Javurek (Treasurer) and Brad Williams (Superintendent)

About the Adult Bible Class:

Adult Bible classes meet on Sunday mornings from 915 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.  The classes are taught by pastors Walther and Hoft.  Occasional classes are taught by other laymen and special guests.  We cover a variety of topics for both beginners as well as those very familiar with the Scriptures.  Our classes cover topics such as:  Individual Books of the Bible, survey of the Old and New Testaments, Doctrinal Topics (Creation/Evolution, Heaven & Hell, Baptism, End Times, etc), historical subjects (The Reformation, early church history, etc.), and practical themes (Marriage, Family, Evangelism, etc.).

Included in the Adult Bible study program is a pattern of basic classes called Adult Christian Education.  Every two years our goal is to provide seven important core classes (Adult Inquiry, Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament, Advanced Doctrine and History, Christian Discipleship, Marriage and Family, Religions and Denominations).  ACE classes also meet throughout the year along with Adult Inquiry Classes.  

About the Adult Inquiry Class:

 This class introduces the Christian faith as we believe, teach, and confess in the Lutheran church.  It consists of ten sessions (see outline of topics below).  The class meets three times a year beginning in September on Wednesday evenings, beginning in January on Thursday evenings, and beginning in April on Tuesday evenings.  The class meets from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. with a short break for refreshments.  Babysitting in our nursery (just across from the classroom) is provided. 

The Adult Inquiry Class is truly for inquirers.  All materials are provided.  No one is expected to answer specific questions or read from the Bible.  Opportunities are given for questions in each class.  Specific questions are often handled through e-mail or by telephone during the week. 

The outline of classes . . .
God, Christ & the Bible
                 Lutheran Worship & Family
                                    Love For Our Neighbor
                                                           Creation & Evolution
                                                                              Christ & Salvation
                                                                                                Holy Spirit & the Church
                                                                                                              Baptism & the Goal of Faith
                                                                                                                          Holy Communion & End Times
                                                                                                                                                              Lord’s Prayer


Today there are so many strange and unbiblical teachings being promoted.

Some pastors brazenly use the Gospel as a key to financial success.  Seminary and college professors (featured recently on an ABC TV special) claim that Jesus needs to be understood as a political revolutionary.  Oprah Winfrey periodically assures audiences that there are many paths to spirituality and salvation.

What is a person to believe?  It’s no wonder so many are becoming indifferent to the questions that matter the most in life:  How did we get here?  Why are we here?  and Where are we going?

I would like to invite you to a series of classes that will introduce you to the clear teachings of the Bible.  We will discuss questions such as these . . .

What are five reasons why we know God exists?

 What makes the God of the Bible so different from the  gods of other religions?

Is the Bible without error?

What is the key to understanding the Bible?

Why are there so many different Bible translations?

Why is it not enough to “know about God” to be saved?

How can families worship at home?

Why is worshipping together as a family good?

Why does the Bible stress the word “honor” when it comes to family relationships?

How can God help me control my anger?

What did Martin Luther really think about the name “Lutheran”?

What are we to think about the differences between denominations?

What about those who have never had the chance to hear the message of Jesus, are they saved? 

Why should children be baptized?

If a child dies before being baptized, can it be saved?

Why did the ancient Romans accuse the early Christians of cannibalism?

Why is it important to receive Holy Communion often?



Why is marriage to be kept holy?

 What is the Lutheran church’s position on abortion?  Homosexual lifestyles?

Why is lying one of the worst sins?

Did the world evolve on its own?

How old is the earth?

Were Adam and Eve real people?

Is it true that we can do nothing to earn salvation?

Is faith our work or God’s work?

What tools does God use to bring us to faith?

Must a true Christian worship regularly?

Why is it true that no one can be saved outside of the church?

Why has this idea been misused?

Is Satan real?  What about hell?

Why didn’t the Apostles’ pray to the Old Testament saints?

What will happen as the world comes to an end?

Do Lutheran’s believe in the rapture?

What is heaven like?

What will happen when I die?

What are the four types of prayer?

High School Bible Class Adult Bible Class
      Aaron Kober teaches High School Bible Class              Pastor Hoft leads Adult Bible Class

Men’s Bible Study

The Bible Study meets each Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. (We are going to change the time from 6:45 a.m. as it is now printed in the bulletin.) to 7:30 a.m. in the Conference Room of the Lower Level.  Each week we read approximately 10-12 chapters of the Bible. 

At the Monday morning class we discuss certain aspects of the section for the week.  The Bible selections are part of the Today’s Light Bible Study published by Concordia Publishing House.  You can order a bi-monthly study guide.  Other questions and leader’s notes are available at: Today's Light.  Click here: Men's Bible Study for links to current lessons.

There is also the new Men's Ministry which meets once a month under the leadership of Pastor Walther.  Follow the link to learn more.

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