Scholarship Program

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church wants as many children as possible to have a Christian education. We realize that full-time Christian education is a financial challenge to the average family. To help make that education affordable and help one another, we offer scholarships for Christian education.


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is committed to good stewardship of the gifts God gives to us. We use this stewardship approach when trying to determine the amount of scholarship a family should receive.


Although tithing (giving 10% of oneís income as an offering) is not demanded by the Bible, it is commended by Jesus (Matthew 23.23), and we encourage our members to follow that guideline.

When a familyís tuition exceeds 7.5% of their income, the congregation will help cover the remaining costs with scholarship. We use the 7.5% figure so that the family can still contribute to the church within the guideline of the tithe.

Tuition Costs Covered

Currently the Scholarship Program only covers tuition for grades K-8. While tuition for a child (brother or sister) in Preschool, After School Care or at Metro East Lutheran High School, or at a college or university is considered under special circumstances, it is not considered part of the overall tuition

Special Circumstances

If a family has a lower than average income, or if they have special circumstances, we will decrease that percentage even lower. Normally we maintain a minimum tuition fee of $500 per year for a family.

The Scholarship Program is especially helpful when a family suffers severe financial problems due to job losses. Often when the main income earner loses their job, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church will cover all the tuition during the months when that parent is unemployed.

Applying for Scholarships

This particular scholarship is available only to active Good Shepherd Members. Non-members can apply directly to the school for scholarship funds.

Fill-out the scholarship form either online ( or by using a paper form (available in the Church or School Offices). The processing fee is $20. Applications need to be sent by May 1, 2006.

Scholarship Committee

A special committee made up of the Pastor, Chairman of the Board of Stewardship, and two elders meet to consider all the applications. Scholarships are granted according to need and by comparison to other families with similar situations. Attention is given to a memberís activity in worship and Bible class. In some cases a word of encouragement is given. Only the pastor sees the names and financial information. The committee members only see general financial information.


Families are invited to speak directly to the committee if they would like to explain their circumstances and special needs.