(From a special E-bulletin regarding Synodical resolution on homosexuality) At the last Synodical Convention held in St. Louis, Missouri, Resolution 2-08A was passed by the delegates. This Synodical Resolution resolved that the Synod in convention encourage its congregations to minister to homosexuals and their families in a spirit of compassion and humility, recognizing that AAall have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace, through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus" (Rom. 3:23-24). It was also further resolved that "A Plan for Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families@@ prepared by the President's Task Force be commended to the Synod's congregations as a resource for study and a guide for pastoral care. And, another important resolve requested that the Board for District and Congregational Services AAcontinue to recommend and make available to the congregations of the Synod suitable resources and materials for ministry to homosexuals and their families.@@ In keeping with this Resolution 2-08A, the following resources and materials are being recommended and made available to all congregations of the Synod for ministry to homosexuals and their families. In order to keep costs down, these materials are made available to you free of charge. You may access them via the Internet. The links are provided as follows: A question and answer statement regarding the LCMS response to homosexuality. Former LCMS President Al Barry's statement on homosexuality as it appeared in the President's Newsletter of April 1993. AAA Plan For Ministry To Homosexuals and Their Families,@@ prepared by The Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families, 1999. AAHuman Sexuality: A Theological Perspective,@@ A Report of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the LCMS as prepared by its Social Concerns Committee in September of 1981. This link will direct you to the LCMS Family Ministry website. From there, select AATimely Topics@@ on the Navigation Bar on the left hand side. Once you are directed to the topic section, select AAHomosexuality.@@ This is the official website for AAKeys Ministry,@@ which is a ministry offered by two Lutheran pastors to help people overcome homosexuality. They also can provide brochures. CPH has published 4 different products related to homosexuality. One excellent study is entitled, AAA Christian Perspective on Homosexuality,@@ written by Daniel W. Puls (Item Number 20-2586.) Another good resource is AAHomosexuality@@ (Item 10-1667). And finally, don't forget a few other pieces: AAWhat About Homosexuality,@@ from the sainted Al Barry's AAWhat About Series,@@ and AAHomosexuality: A Christian Response,@@ published by the LCMS in February of 1997, and a variety of tracts from the Concordia Tract Mission, Box 201, St. Louis, Missouri 63166.

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